The Royal Chaplet – Joop van Dijk

Instrumentation: Fanfare Band
Duration: 8’00
Grade: 4

This composition is an ode to the English composer William Boyce (1711-1779), who was largely forgotten after his death. Even now his compositions are rarely performed. Completely unjustified, because many of his compositions are of a very high standard. As ‘Master of King’s Musick’ he composed many works for the English court, but he also ensured that Handel’s music in particular became even more popular. Boyce wrote eight symphonies and two operas. One of those operas was called ‘The Chaplet’. My own ‘The Royal Chaplet’ is not only an ode to the ‘Royal’ composer Boyce, it is also a nod to him and his beautiful music because of the style in which it is composed.

The five movements of ‘The Royal Chaplet’ all have tempo indications, but only give an indication of speeds. The character designation for each part is therefore much more important for the execution of this work.

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